Find Qualified Workers

Finding skilled and dedicated employees is always a challenge.

The Welcoming Center has access to a pool of qualified candidates who are ready to join your team. In an increasingly global economy, these employees can help to broaden your reach, increase your visibility to domestic and international markets, and demonstrate your commitment to your community. These are just a few of the benefits to integrating immigrants into the workforce.

We have placed hundreds of eager workers into jobs at all levels – from office cleaners to accountants. Our clients are legal, work-authorized immigrants, many of whom have extensive education and experience in their native countries. They have come here in search of an opportunity to use their skills and training. We can help you, the employer, identify qualified employees and help you verify their work eligibility in this country.

We have already helped a number of regional companies meet their staffing requirements in positions that have ranged from accountants to housekeepers.


  • Assistance in recruiting and placing qualified candidates that match employment needs
  • Help in creating a diverse, dynamic, and productive workforce with an international reach
  • Job training in general workplace culture as well as specific industry training

Use our Job Posting tool if you have a job opening in your company!

To learn how we can help your company, please contact our Director of Employment Placement Yana Chernov at 215-557-2864