Our Classes

In addition to our region-wide ESL class list (which includes 120+ classes offered by different organizations), the Welcoming Center also offers our own English, Civics, and GED/ABE classes. All classes begin in August 2014 unless otherwise noted:

  • English at our Center City office
  • Civics at our Center City office
  • ABE/GED at our Center City office- Available Spaces
  • Vocational Literacy at our Center City office (Ongoing)
  • College Prep English at our Center City office- Available Spaces

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Live in Delaware County or Philadelphia County
  • Have valid immigration status

The schedule for our class sessions is as follows:

Summer, 2016 Fall, 2016 Winter, 2017 Spring, 2017
August 15 October 31 January 30 April 17

If you have questions or are interested in attending one of our classes, contact Talease Cleveland at 215-557-2558 or talease@welcomingcenter.org to schedule an intake session and assessment. All potential students must attend a session before they are eligible to sign up for class. 

Please Note: Individuals who believe they may be candidates for "Deferred Action" (also known as "DREAM Act-eligible youth") can contact the Welcoming Center for information and referral to appropriate legal and educational resources. Call Desirée Welborn Wayne at 215-557-2550.